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about us


founded in 1990, guangdong fenglu aluminium co., ltd. is a large-scale enterprise integrating the r&d, production and sales of aluminium alloy products. it is the leading enterprise in china's aluminium profile industry. the company possesses two bases in nanhai and sanshui, with a total area of 900,000 ㎡, and is specialized in the rd and development of aluminium profile, industrial material, high-end decorative materials, high-end system doors and windows, special aluminium alloy products for aerospace and military industries. the products have been entitled as the "special aluminium for chinese aerospace", and the company awarded "chinese manufacturing single item champion enterprise", "national technical center", "national accreditation laboratory" and "real objective golden cup award for non-ferrous metal products".


currently, fenglu is the leading enterprise in china's aluminium profile industry, with annual production capacity of 500,000 tons and has obtained more than 600 patents. with over 3000 series and more than 80,000 varieties of products, and the products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions including europe and america.

fenglu has established complete aluminium processing industry chain and complete production and operation management system from mould design and manufacturing to aluminium alloy rd and processing, aluminium surface treatment, "high, precise and top" deep processing etc. in recent years, fenglu has strengthened the investment and introduced a large number of advanced aluminium processing lines and various test and inspection equipment, fenglu possesses the 10000 t extrusion production line which is capable of manufacturing the cross section width of 800mm, and supporting 7500t and 5500t large-tonnage extrusion production line; the annual production capacity of single production line reaches 60,000 tons; in addition, fenglu is capable of production horizontal oxidation production line with the longest length up to 13.5m, so that the modern equipment level of the fenglu has stepped onto a new step again.

fenglu has passed cqc china energy saving products, low carbon products, national accreditation laboratory, energy management system, international automobile industry quality management system, international railway industry quality management system, weapon equipment quality management system, national defense equipment research and production confidentiality qualification certification, european standard qualicoat/qualanod, norway classification society (dnv), american bureau of shipping (abs), etc. fenglu has dominated the preparation of standard for energy consumption grade of national building aluminium alloy, organized and dominated the preparation of six national and professional standards, and participated in the preparation of 34 national and professional standards.

fenglu, cooperating with university of science and technology beijing, central south university, general research institute for nonferrous metals and guangzhou nonferrous metal research institute, set up the academician workshop, post-doctoral scientific research station; and has established the "fenglu research institute". with a professional team of strong r&d capability and leading in the industry, insisting on the outline of "strengthening core technology and improving core competence, fenglu has effectively combined the "enterprise, university, institution and application" to support the sustainable development of the industry with scientific and technical innovation.