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gd65 heat-insulated horizontal pivoting window series

product introduction

  • it adopts special ladder and cavity drainage design, three sealing are made of epdm, the air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of the whole window to be perfectly reflected;

  • it adopts german technoform heat insulation strip and warm edge strip to effectively reduce the k value of the whole window;

  • european standard c slot, it is equipped with germany imported hardware, combining reasonable assembly and surface treatment technology, the entire window has ultra-long service life and system stability;

  • with modular t-shaped connecting piece and two-component glue injection corner brace process, the whole window reaches large area and weight to realize the ideal daylighting effect.

  • 凤铝高端门窗-最终印刷版0109-28_03.jpg
  • 凤铝高端门窗-最终印刷版0109-28_03-05.jpg

product classification

product detail


the selection of outside windows is high quality, stable and non deformation. it has good ventilation and perspective. it provides wider and brighter space for the field of vision, and can effectively prevent mosquitoes from being beautiful and durable.

product performance
performance the performance of this series of products performance of ordinary doors and windows
water tightness 6级 p≥700 ≤3级
airtightness 8级 q1≤0.5 ≤3级
anti wind pressure 9级 p3≥5.0 ≤6级
thermal insulation 7级 2.0>k≥1.6 ≤2级
sound insulation 5级 40≤rw ctr<45 1级