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gtl83 lifting sliding window

product introduction

  • pure american style lifting sliding window features wide angle of view and beautiful line;

  • it adopts the structure of wrapping the sash with frame, which doesn't occupy the indoor space without the worry that the sash fall out of the indoor space;

  • with multiple sealing of the high-quality silicidation wool strip, the periphery of the sash frame is tightly attached, and the performance is better;

  • fully hidden high quality imported hardware accessories;

  • application scope: villas, high-grade residential communities and high-rise buildings.

  • 凤铝高端门窗-最终印刷版0109-38_03.jpg
  • 凤铝高端门窗-最终印刷版0109-38_03-06.jpg

product classification

product detail


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product performance
anti wind pressure5级 3.0≤p3<3.5≤3级
airtightness7级 1.0≥q1>0.5≤3级
water tightness5级 500≤△p<700≤6级
sound insulation3级 30≤rw ctr<35≤2级
thermal insulation6级 2.5>k≥2.01级