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gdm150 heat insulation vertical sliding door series

product introduction

  • decent appearance, reasonable profile line proportion;

  • adopting generation ii vertical sliding door hardware system with concealed locking seat, which is safer and more beautiful;

  • it adopts unique sliding down drainage design to greatly improve the water tightness;

  • with the design of improving the hardware and sealing rubber strip, the sliding door can also realize high air tightness and high water tightness performance;

  • it is capable of achieving large visible surface, and the maximum bearing capacity of single leaf can reach 400kg;

  • the electric lifting device can be selected according to the requirement of customer, thus achieving the electric lifting, pushing and pulling function, both through electric control and remote control.

  • in addition, that electric drive has the function of anti-pinch, which is safe and reliable;

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product classification

product detail


in cold winter, the outdoor temperature often falls below zero, and the insulation performance is very important. thermal insulation system combined with polymer nylon insulation bridge insulation materials, such as increasing heat insulation area cavity insulation and other technologies, effectively reducing the loss of heat in the room.

product performance
performancethe performance of this series of productsperformance of ordinary doors and windows
water tightness5级 500≤p<700≤3级
airtightness5级 2.0≥q1>1.5≤3级
anti wind pressure8级 4.5≤p3<5.0≤6级
thermal insulation5级 3.0>k≥2.5≤2级
sound insulation4级 35≤rw ctr<401级