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tm190 heavy sliding door series

product introduction

  • adopting 304 stainless steel rail, the door leaf can slide more light and smooth;

  • the door leaf adopts four sealing, which can effectively improve the air tightness of the product and reduce the noise when opening and closing the door;

  • application scope: house and villa gate; home decoration partition; balcony door.

  • 凤铝高端门窗-最终印刷版0109-17_06.jpg
  • 凤铝高端门窗-最终印刷版0109-17_03.jpg

product classification

product detail


the professional installation team adopts technologies such as flexible connection, dry construction, coexistence with external thermal insulation and isothermal line to ensure the thermal insulation performance of the joint structure.

product performance
anti wind pressure7级 4.0≤p3<4.5≤3级
airtightness4级 1.0≥q1>0.5≤3级
water tightness常规≤6级
sound insulation4级 35≤rw ctr<40≤2级
thermal insulationroutine1级