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g78 heat insulation double window and casement window series

product introduction

  • the ultra-wide multi-cavity heat insulation design, multi-channel sealing and multi-layer glass effectively form the overall and multi-channel barrier to resist heat;

  • super-strong heat insulation and ultra-low noise;

  • it is safer to adopt double hollow sandwich glass;

  • fully imported high-quality hardware, the heavy window sash can be easily opened and closed.

  • 凤铝高端门窗-最终印刷版0109-40_03.jpg
  • 凤铝高端门窗-最终印刷版0109-40_05-06.jpg

product classification

product detail


we focus on the perfect unity of performance and design sense, not only advanced in performance, but also excellent in design and visual performance.

product performance
anti wind pressure8级 4.5≤p3<5.0≤3级
airtightness7级 1.0≥q1>0.5≤3级
water tightness5级 500≤△p<700≤6级
sound insulation4级 35≤rw ctr<40≤2级
thermal insulation8级 1.6>k≥1.31级